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Rialto Adjudications file upload tool RAPL-LockBox is a secure way to deliver your files to us. Key features of RAPL-LockBox are:


  • Secure – Nobody can see or access your files except you and authorized Rialto Adjudications administrators and all uploads are protected by 128 Bit SSL security
  • Unlimited number of files can be uploaded
  • Files up to 5 Gigabytes(5GB) can be uploaded
  • Automatic confirmation email to the registered user after upload confirming files uploaded
  • RAPL-Lockbox can be used to deliver:
    • Applications for Adjudication
    • Adjudication Responses
    • Any other submissions you wish to send to Rialto Adjudications
  • Individual or multiple files and be selected and uploaded

Sending large files by email can, at times, be problematic. Some email systems restrict email file attachment sizes to as little as 5Mb. We recommend using the RAPL-LockBox to deliver large/multiple files.

Please note that the RAPL-LockBox does not accept Folders. If you have your files organized in a folder structure, we recommend “zipping” the folders and uploading the zipped file. This will preserve your file structure.


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